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This is an awesome app!

The 3m cloud library app is so good that I do 90% of my reading this way. It is non intrusive and just plain delivers. Thanks!!

Best library app

I also use overdrive but I like this one better. Easier to search and review history. Books are available for 21 days which is longer than the other apps.

Fantastic app!

Fantastically designed app, it works with ease.

Mostly good

Trying to use the footnotes causes problems (app crash) but otherwise its working well for me.

Love this app

I really enjoy access to free books. Thanks very much.

I enjoy using 3M Cloud library.

I read voraciously and when I run out of books it is really great to be able to download a book immediately. The system works well. The only problem I have is when I have a specific book or author in mind. To browse for it is so frustrating and time consuming. I would love to be able to type in a title (or author) and find the book quickly.

Love this app

I was introduced to this app from a family member! I absolutely love it :) would love to see more books but its GREAT

Why did it take me so long

Am really using this app to download books from my local library. Should have started doing this eons ago. Already finished a book and well on my way on the second one

3M Cloud library

Wonderful!..Easy to use! Dont what Id do without now!


Easy to use - responsive.

Excellent App

Great app that you can get new/old books and have 21 days to read them. The only thing I would like, and maybe you can do this but I havent figured it out yet, is to be able to keep my book preferences when looking for books. Otherwise, good job 3M!!


Absolutely love this app. Reading in the comfort of a chair, not having to leave the house to borrow a book.

The BEST !!

Love this app. Works very well. Easiest to use. Sooooo glad someone recommended it to me !!!

Easy to Use

Wonderful app, lots of search functions, ready book check out and return.

Excellent way to read library books

This app is really easy to use, easier than Overdrive which I also use to borrow library books. Actually, its good to have both apps because if you are looking for a particular title, you double your chances of finding it!

A Lot to Like...But

Love being able to get books on this app, its reliable and easy to use, but it drives me crazy that theres nowhere that Ive found where I can change my preferences for the genres Im interested in reading. Every time I want to browse I have to get rid of genres which keep returning the next time I browse. A small criticism, but it seems odd for the app not to "remember" my changes, and for me not to adjust the genres. Would love to know if its me whos missing something, or the app developers.

Application hangs more often than runs

Nice app. Selection is a bit limited but books are free with local library so hard to complain.

Love it

I just wish when a book is part of a series all the books would be available. Love the convenience!

3m cloud


Needs work

The actual page viewing is ok. Except when it crashes. Doesnt remember user preferences. Slow.

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