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Yes!!!! Just more books

Pretty good

The selections seems to be getting better!! Only wish that they had another speed option that was maybe between normal and fast. Some of the narrators read really slowly, but if I increase the speed to “fast”, it is way too fast!


This is good app with a wide range of subjects and titles on offer. A lightweight library that is as good as your ISP. History of what has been read that provides an easy way to check the book out again. Dictionary. Page marker so that you can return to the word. No compilations.

Buggy and awkward

Compared to other library borrowing apps, this is frustrating to use and is my last choice. I’m not rating the selection as that is chosen by my library.

Works like a charm!

I enjoy the CloudLibrary application because sometimes books are not available immediately at the library and because it’s on the go with my devices.

iPhone Voiceover Bug

Subject: IPhone VoiceOver bug Version Number: CloudLibrary Version 3.7.2 IPhone software version 11.4.1 (This is something that has never worked, just listing the latest versions I have installed and verified it wasn’t magically fixed.) Steps to replicate: Go to General->Accessibility->Accessibility Shortcut-> and select ‘Voiceover’ Load any book in CloudLibrary Use the standard ‘press the home button three times quickly’ to enable the accessibility shortcut/begin voiceover reading of ebook ☹️ watch book immediately switch to the first page (ignoring whatever data is stored about your current reading position and making it impossible/extremely difficult to re-navigate to your current reading page) Also in general there is no great way to navigate your app using voiceover mode, apart from just setting it to read and turn pages automatically. (Aka if a book is open there is no way to change books/ the only way to get it to read is to already be on the book you want and THEN get it to read, hence the need to turn Accessibility on/off etc). Current workarounds: Enable voiceover from settings and then navigate over to CloudLibrary. (Only allows access to whatever book is open) A*Navigate without voiceover enabled to the page you want to start reading on. A. Get IPhone to lock screen. B. Enable voiceover with IPhone locked using Accessibility shortcut C. Enter passcode/Touch ID D. Have voiceover read book as much as you want E. Lock iPhone F. Disable voiceover using Accessibility shortcut. G. Go about your daily life. (Essentially as long as the iPhone is locked when the shortcut is enabled, you are in the clear. Otherwise all your reading position data resets.) (voiceover off has the same effect.) Actually now that I’m looking at it more it’s more related to the fact that you can’t handle the voiceover on/off command while open and you trigger a reset, but have some loading feature enabled on ‘exit iPhone locked’ mode that can handle the voiceover on/off appropriately. General menu navigation could also use some better handling, but that’s less of an immediate issue. Thanks again for your help! Ps. Include a gd contact/email link somewhere in your website

Great that audiobooks are included!

In general, I really like borrowing electronically and I love that my books are never overdue. The only problem I have is that on my iPads, it’s very hard to pull up the menu bar to close the book or skip to another section. I’ve played around w different things but have not found a way to consistently get the menu to come up. Often I’m tapping around the top of the screen 10 or more times. If not for that frustration, I’d give this 5 Stars for sure.

Workingmom 41

Great resource for not newly released books. I belong to a book club and didn’t want the cost of buying the books every morning nth (especially if some were not ones I would have read otherwise) Easy to navigate. Books on hold works well. If browsing for something to read: is not good software for finding something to your taste. Works better if u already have a name of a book u r looking for.

Lots of issues

Been having a lot of issues with repeated pages, yesterday I downloaded a new book and stopped counting the book cover repeating after 25 pages, don’t know if I actually had the book. I finally returned it. Also the book that I had previous to that did not reopen at the page I had left, had to bookmark so I didn’t have to flip through each time that I returned.

So far, full of bugs...

Not really helpful when the app keeps crashing and I can’t get past the crash pages. I’ll keep trying though...


Enjoy being able to read books thru this app. It does have a tendency to freeze up when I go to the books I have flagged. Very frustrating when I am wanting to start a new book and am not able to view/scroll thru the list of books I wold like to read.

Sub par reading experience

Sometimes the pagination is off. Also characters replace letters in random places throughout the book. Sync between devices worked well but overall the experience was not as good as the kindle app or Apple iBook apps.

Love this app!

Easy to use and I get all the books I want!

Cloud library

No app support available. Locks up when trying to view flagged items. Look elsewhere!

Problem exists paging forward

A new bug that appeared in a recent update for IOS iPhone 6–when paging forward, it often shows the new page that begins slightly before end of previous page. It causes confusion and I find it irritating. This didn’t used to occur. Love the App otherwise.

Reading Again

Downloading it to my iPad so easy and quick. I love to have my books at my fingertips. Even though a lot of my favorite books are not available through the cloud, I can certainly find enough to keep me fullfilled. Wonderful invention.

Series missing books

I love the cloudLibrary the only problem I have is if I am reading a series they don’t have the complete series to be checked out and it’s frustrating not being able to finish series. And sometimes they skip a couple books in between. It would be nice to have a complete series in order to read because it is like a continuing story. Don’t like being left hanging and trying to figure out what I missed in the story of the missing book in the series.

Love it!

Love the convenience. I’m reading on my iPad and listening in the car.

Good but...

I like the app, but it is occasionally a bit quirky. Sometimes I have downloading issues, and often when I return to a book, the pages are a bit off. But this is such a nice way to get books that it’s not fair to complain about minor problems. Often I find that the books by specific authors begin in the middle of a series and and earlier books are not available. The limited selection, however, is really a library problem, not the app’s.

General Review

I enjoy using cloud library. The list of books is very good.But I have recently experienced technical difficulties, one of which is very upsetting: the bookmark feature is meaningless. Suddenly, it doesn’t function. When you put a bookmark down after reading, and later turn the book back on, the bookmark has disappeared and the page that appears has nothing to do where I left off. Currently, I have to write a note of the page number where I stopped on a separate piece of paper. Please correct the problem!

Glitchy af

I repeatedly have to open and close this app to do anything. Want to take a book off your list? How about check one out? Or even return one? Better cancel your plans. You’re going to be occupied for a while.



Making the miles go by!

With our families in New England and the midwest, we make lots of long car trips. Cloud Library is a great way to make the time pass. I download a few titles, let the family choose their favorite(s), and we have hours of entertainment.

Good app, makes reading easy

I only read books from my library. I’ve not warmed to ebooks because they can’t be passed on to friends or recycled to others. I would like there to be more books available and better way to browse.

Great for road trips!

My daughter and I have enjoyed listening to books this summer while we drive to visit family and our vacation spots. Harry Potter has accompanied us and made the rides fun —-not long and boring and not once was the dreaded question, “are we there yet???”, uttered.

Poor selection No new books

I have been very disappointed with the quantity and quality of the books available for audio reading. Every since the library switched from the overdrive app to this format I’ve found less and less to listen to. There is very little attempt to add new titles either in filling out the site with old titles to complete story lines or in adding current new titles beyond a few big name adds every month. Bad job over all Hopefully someone takes these remarks to heart and steps up the acquisition process


Not as good or easy to use as Overdrive.

App not working

I’ve updated my phone and iPad and cannot get to end of my saved books. The app locks up. It’s not working!

I love it there’s just one problem

You see I like how easy it is to download ebooks the thing is every time I try opening a certain book it closes the app and every time I do try opening the book the app keeps on closing. I’ve tried everything form returning then checking out the book through deleting the app itself. I really hope they get rid of this bug quickly.


The app crashes and loses my place. I can’t read my book!


There have been some problems when downloading audiobooks and they won't download so be careful.

Great App for reading!

Cloud Library works really well and has a nice variety of ebooks and audiobooks. I really like the fact that books are checked out for 3 weeks now instead of 2. The app is easy to use and it is the only app I use for books!

Easy to use

It’s easy to find a book or author.


This is the second app I have had to listen to books from my library. It is so unreliable. Just now I went to open my book that I started listening to yesterday and it won’t open. The app indicates the book is still down loading but I’m well into it. A second problem is not finding one of books in a series — this has happened twice. Now the book I’ve bed looking for for months is available but the wait time is more than 6 months. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

Limited Selection

While the AP functions well, it is rare I find book titles I’m looking for. Instead I have to find books from their virtual shelf.

Error downloading book

I love this app and use it often. However I just got the iPhone 8 and I can no longer download the book on my iPhone. I get an error E_auth_bad_device_key_or_pkc-s12 error.

Pagination issues

Pagination doesn’t always work correctly. Sometimes when I swipe to a new page, half the page I’m on remains in view and the new content doesn’t appear until halfway down the new page. This is an issue on my iPhone. Otherwise I like the app and I like access to my library.


This app is good- but I’ve had a couple books that had glitches.. one that skipped ahead, a few that have playback errors. It would be much better if it paused while my gps (on the same device) spoke so I don’t have to rewind to see what I missed. I’d love to come back and give higher ratings if some of this got ironed out!!

Great app

I just started using this app about 6 months ago I enjoy the convenience of getting books with out having to go to library or purchasing them from other sites. Also like the fact I can download books to take on vacation but wish they would allow you to download more then 6 at a time. Also would like to see new release when pending before released that you can place on hold. I got the book format of the lastest Nora Roberts release before it was available here. Glad my library in Baltimore County, Maryland uses this app and others


I encounter problems often. Many times I receive an error message when I try to check out books. Many times I receive an error message when I try to download the book I was able to check out. Many times I can’t scroll through my flagged books. The whole app will freeze up, and I can’t do anything. I have to close it out completely then wait several minutes to go back in. I have to avoid looking at my flagged books so it doesn’t freeze up again. It’s very frustrating because I have to use this app, and I just want it to work so I can read!

Awesome App!

Easy to use with great access to all kinds of books.

Crash when listening for longer than 5 minutes

Every time I listen to an audiobook for about 5 minutes, app crashes and I have to restart and skip back to where I was in the book. Online help is not useful!

Love it!

Free books!


Easy to use but often does not display the entire page. It will leave out sentences at the end of a page and I have to flip back and forth several times to get the missing part to appear.

Selection is VERY limited.

Browse section needs revision. Difficult to navigate.


So fun to go through all the different genres of books that are offered! Love it. Go to the library without leaving your home, it’s great.

Scroll freezes every time

I have hunted and hunted for a place to provide you feedback but cannot find one, so maybe you’ll read this review. Since one of your recent updates I cannot scroll in the Wishlist without it freezing every time. I basically can’t use that feature for any books that are below the first fold. Also, my library allows renewals, but this app does not. Very annoying. I’m on an iPhone 8. Otherwise, I like the app a lot. I use it daily.

Inferior Reading App

This reading app is far inferior to the Overdrive/Libby app. Pages repeat, you cannot change the font style or spacing and books are only available for a 14 day time period. Would not recommend this to anyone who wants a stress free reading experience.

Very pleased

I am very happy to have access to this site. Have enjoyed many of these books and wait anxiously for new ones. Thank you North Miami Public Library.

When it works, it’s great!

Screen keeps freezing up when I try to look at my flagged books. End up having to do a search for books instead, so the flagged capability becomes useless.

Doesn’t work

It won’t allow me to borrow or hold books. The error message is insufficient or invalid authorization. It sometimes won’t browse.

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